Hi! I’m Andre! *waves*

I’m a science and engineering graduate from Monash University (2009), now a PhD student through the University of Melbourne and based at a major medical research organisation in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been lucky enough to be thrown onto the  commercialisation train, as some of my ideas being turned into a new medical technology. I have interests in the commercialisation of medical technologies, and how entrepreneurial/engineering thinking can be applied to medical research to have a greater impact on the lives of people.

I’m writing this blog as a way to connect with other like-minded people around the world, as I feel Australia is an innovation and early-stage investment backwater, with a set of political leaders just hell-bent on digging dirt out of the ground; there is no impetus or long-term plan to develop a modern, knowledge-based economy. Beyond the PhD, my hope is to gain further experience in entrepreneurship in life sciences and technology overseas, and bring the knowledge back to Australia.

As I’m moving through the early stages of setting up my career beyond postgraduate studies, this blog serves as a repository of some of my intellectual “tidbits” that you may find interesting or useful.


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